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Webinar - Hospitality Education - In Crisis? Thursday 19th October @09:30 BST

Hospitality Education is in Decline - True or False? Free webinar with discussion for Hospitality Education leaders. Register now for the first edition of the 2023/24 Hospitality Education Webinar Series about Challenges Facing Hospitality Education.

There is increasing evidence that international hospitality education at all levels is facing significant challenges. The evidence is in the declining student numbers, the closure of some schools with others being forced to merge, or becoming part of much bigger institutions. Whilst this is particularly true in Europe and North America, there is some evidence that areas in Southeast Asia are seeing growth. Yet this is all happening when the international demand for high-quality professional staff has never been higher.

This is the first of three ‘Round Tables’ that will consider what is happening, why, and whether it is inevitable.

The Panel Dominic Szambowski - Dean, SHMS, Switzerland Andrew Boer - Principal, Edge Hotel School, University of Essex, UK Stuart Wiggins - Pro-Vice Chancellor, ICMS, Australia

Peter A. Jones - Moderator, EUHOFA International Questions for discussion will be invited from all participants.

The 23/24 Webinar Series will highlight these important issues and provide insights and thought-provoking ideas that will have an impact on your school, your students, your staff, and your relationships with the fast-changing industry. The webinars are designed as a series, following a consistent theme and building on the issues and ideas as the series progresses.

Register now. Click the button below.


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