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Criteria for admission

A - FULL membership with voting right

Any public, semi-public, or private hospitality institution (or hospitality department of a larger institution) shall, subject to the approval of the board, be eligible for FULL membership provided:


  1. The institution is established under the laws of its country and has legal documents to that effect, certified copies of which shall be attached to the application for membership,

  2. It offers and has been offering full-time programs continuously for a minimum of 4 consecutive years preceding its application for membership,

  3. The 2 EUHOFA full members who have been nominated as referees have received and have supported the completed membership application form.


The board, on evaluation of the details provided in the membership application form and reports by the two nominated referees, is satisfied that the institution meets the academic and professional standards necessary for membership.


The institution’s membership implies that the institution is represented by the principal or by a member of the board.


B - FELLOW ASSOCIATE membership without voting rights

Persons who are eligible to become FELLOW ASSOCIATE members are:


  1. Persons who previously represented their institution which had FULL member status

  2. or: Persons who are staff of FULL member institutions

  3. or: Representatives of professional industry organisation


Comment: For an institution that has FULL member status it is quite possible to appoint also several fellow-associate members.



Joining Fee Full Member (once):    100 euro

Annual Fee Full Member:               200 euro


Joining Fee Fellow Associate Member (once):  100 euro

Annual Fee Fellow Associate Member:             200 euro



Institutions or persons intending to apply for membership of EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL must complete the membership application form and submit this form plus required information and attachments to:

Mr. Marc Raaijmakers


P.O. Box 122
5201 AC 
The Netherlands

or through mail:


The application will be reviewed by the EUHOFA board and the applicant is informed of the board’s decision.


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