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Presidents Welcome


Lluís Serra 

President EUHOFA International

Dear colleagues and friends, dear visitors of our Website,

EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit association of hotel school directors and deans of hospitality colleges and universities who meet and work continuously to ensure the highest quality of education in their institutes. It is governed by statutes and administered by a board representing schools and countries from the five continents.


EUHOFA  was originally founded in 1955 by hotel school directors in the Alpine countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany in order to be informed about the latest trends and developments in the hotel industry so they could discuss its impact on hospitality education.  In fact, they created the first international network of hotel schools. 


The first congress took place in Switzerland in 1962.  In 1974 EUHOFA became a consultative member of the Council of Europe.  It adopted new statutes promoting its expansion not just in Europe but on a worldwide basis, becoming EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL. Today there are more than 200 members worldwide, represented exclusively by directors, deans and principals.


The congresses are organized on an annual basis being hosted by member schools worldwide.  They are the meeting point to learn from hosting schools and countries, share experiences and best practices and expand and strengthen the network among the member schools.


You are welcome to visit our web page to learn more about the EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL family.


If you think your organization would benefit from a membership and would be eligible to join, please fill in the registration form.


If you have any further questions do not  hesitate to contact the Secretary-General or myself.




Lluís Serra, 



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