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EUHOFA Xmasletter 2017

Dear Euhofa members, I do hope that you are all fine and your schools, universities, institutes are running successfully and students are ambitious and eager to learn and leave our institutes well educated for the national and international hospitality world. In this time of the year, you will finally be able to find some time to sit back, relax and spend the rest of the year together with your family and friends. It is also this time of the year to have the chance to connect with you, dear Euhofa family. Have those of you who have attended the excellent and „emotion oriented“56th Euhofa International Congress in Lucca in November 2017 already had the possibility to share the insights with c

EUHOFA Board Monthly Newsletter

Although The Netherlands is one of the smaller countries on the world map, still a lot of things are happening in education and innovation. Hotel schools want to live up to the latest demands of the industry as much as possible. But, do we know today what these demands are? In our national curriculum, the work processes have a general description, so the schools are free to design the four year course in their own way and work towards graduation of our future professionals. The big question is: “Is there one specific graduate the industry is waiting for? ’’ Is that the well-dressed, clean cut student, polite, hospitable, with lots of knowledge about global wines, food etc., or is that a per

EUHOFA Board monthly Newsletter

The European Union Presidency is a major challenge for the hospitality industry I am extremely pleased for the opportunity to address all the members and friends of Euhofa in this newsletter at a time that is crucial for the Republic of Estonia... From 1 July to 31 December 2017, Estonia holds the presidency of the European Union for the very first time. Presidency of the European Union is a Member State responsible for organizing the work of the Council of the European Union. The presidency is assigned through rotation for six months. The main objective of Estonian presidency is to maintain the uniformity and decision-making capability of the EU. Estonia has set the following topics as the

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