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Dear Euhofa friends, I reckon you will all agree with me when I say that safety, food and love are some of the bare necessities of modern life. The same essentials that make for a memorable dining experience. Feeling welcome and comfortable as soon as you step through the doors of a restaurant. A time to relax, unwind and enjoy. Nevertheless, the taste of the food is a guest’s primary concern. It is all about flavour rather than finesse, as Nigella Lawson the famous British TV cook puts it. Isn’t it time for our chefs to go back to basics, allowing food to taste of itself, she continuous. It seems that top chefs are returning to the essence of things. Pure cuisine with simple and authentic

Hospitality as a career option

Please find the link below which is an initiative of the Edge Hotel School to promote hospitality as a career option. This may be of use to EUHOFA members as part of their own promotional initiatives. It is freely available and can be disseminated as widely as possible. It may not be entirely appropriate for everyone but if it’s useful they are more than welcome to use it.

EUHOFA Board Monthly Newsletter

Teaching is 2025 is pretty awesome! Today, 1st March 2025, I have a meeting with my colleagues. It is our first session working on our new training packs, to go on sale for the 2031 intake. In 2021, we founded the company H² PSI, or ‘High Performance Skills in Hospitality Investment’. We are three partners: Yi Ling, from Singapore, with a PhD in Neurosciences (Harvard), David, from California, with a master’s in Digital engineering (Tokyo) and me, Hans, an EHL graduate. Together, we realised that training requirements in the hotel and hospitality sector are huge and that we could help provide the required knowledge and solutions. We met in 2020, on a teacher training course in Helsinki. At t

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