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Bad Gleichenberg preparations for 61th EUHOFA Congress

The preparations for the next EUHOFA Congress to be held in Bad Gleichenberg, Styria, Austria are in full swing.

Recently, Mr. Werner Schnabl, EUHOFA ‘s Treasurer, paid a visit to Congress president Mr. Peter Kospach of Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg to discuss the latest developments. Mr. Schnabl was welcomed by Mr. Kospach and an enthusiastic delegation of the school’s students.

On April 2-7, 2024, it will be the third time in the 68-year history of EUHOFA International that the congress will be held at Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg, situated in the Southeast of the Federal State of Styria, or Steiermark as they say in Austria.

Three themes, one congress

A special quality of all EUHOFA International's congresses is that they meet your academic and cultural curiosity as well as the need for inspiration and special experiences, and for sharing this all with colleagues from all over the planet. So in Bad Gleichenberg, the academic theme 'Tourism in times of change' comes together with the equally sustainable and practical notion of 'Congress of short distances', and the charmingly inspiring vibe of 'Less is More'.

A tourist region of culinary treasures, spas, and active enjoyment of nature

The characteristics of the beautiful region Styria, also known as 'Thermen- and Vulkanland', wonderfully match the 'Less is More' attitude. Just look around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and get to know the culinary treasures, or first get some exercise in Styria's abundant nature and then take a rest in one of the region's famous thermal spas. Soon you'll start to understand the benefits of 'Less is More'.

EUHOFA congress programme

The programme will offer five academic talks with experts on the following topics:

à challenges and opportunities of the tourism industry

à best practice examples - excursions to local tourist flagship companies

à worldwide tourism on equal terms – closing the gap between poor and rich

à less is more – new ideas in tourism

à Revolutionary concepts of learning – new education of new people

In addition to the exciting discussions, there will also be an extensive sightseeing programme to get to know the region, its distinctive cuisine, and traditions as well as the European Capital of Culture Graz. In addition, your partner is sincerely welcome and will be indulged in a comprehensive leisure programme (sport, culinary art, thermal spa, etc.).

Throughout your stay, students of our school will be on hand to offer you advice and assistance.

Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg For more than 75 years, Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg has been regarded as a hotbed of tourism and is known far beyond Austria's borders with more than 7,000 graduates. Many outstanding (inter)national careers began at Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg. For further information about Tourismusschulen Bad Gleichenberg check: Or contact: Nicole Fuchs at


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