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EUHOFA Board Monthly Newsletter

Teaching is 2025 is pretty awesome!

Today, 1st March 2025, I have a meeting with my colleagues. It is our first session working on our new training packs, to go on sale for the 2031 intake. In 2021, we founded the company H² PSI, or ‘High Performance Skills in Hospitality Investment’. We are three partners: Yi Ling, from Singapore, with a PhD in Neurosciences (Harvard), David, from California, with a master’s in Digital engineering (Tokyo) and me, Hans, an EHL graduate.

Together, we realised that training requirements in the hotel and hospitality sector are huge and that we could help provide the required knowledge and solutions. We met in 2020, on a teacher training course in Helsinki. At that time, all three of us were working a few hours a month in different schools, giving a few lessons a month. We got to know one another better in a working group focused on digital aspects. As our work progressed, we became aware that it was no longer possible for a teacher to master every aspect of their profession. Online courses and digitalisation have segmented activities. We therefore shared out the tasks as follows: I write the scripts, Yi Ling takes care of digitalisation and David is in charge of distribution in various forms.

Some courses are free to access online while others, which students pay for, are part of a set-up combining distance learning, classroom attendance and group work. We are not employed by a school but we sell our module to twenty or so institutions across the world and all three of us are part of the teaching process. It makes for a complex but very agile organisation that can quickly be adapted to the requirements of different schools.

We work on the principle of ‘together alone’. We are often alone, but always in touch. I love the freedom and stimulation I get from my job.

Our world is changing fast and schools now buy in skills from external companies, whose added value lies in efficiently mobilizing the skills required. There are still some permanent teachers in the schools. They are mainly responsible for making the connection between the various modules.

But the best is yet to come: in the near future, the development of ‘blockchain’ technology will help us add ‘secured lessons’ from the Internet to our module validations. In fact, if it is correctly aggregated, all the information gathered on the internet may even enable us to do away with our validations altogether.

Like I said, teaching in 2025 is pretty awesome!

Mr. Michel Rochat


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne


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