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Presidents Xmas-Letter 2019

Dear EUHOFA International Friends,

2019 is about to finish and 2020 is almost here. We recently had the pleasure to live an unforgettable experience during the recent congress that took place in Kathmandu. We learned from the Nepalese organizers the importance of sustainability from the Himalayan perspective, and how we can implement it in our schools and universities. They also showed us their amazing hospitality in every little moment and detail during the congress. Thank you again.

As you all know, there have been many changes in our board due to the end of mandate of many members. Maria Wiesinger’s great presidency came to its end, together with Javier González, Michel Rochat, Gerald Lipman and Peter Jones. We will surely miss their hard work and involvement serving our organization. On the other side, we are happy to welcome Sue Bakir, Joachim Schütte, Guillermo Ríos and Werner Schnabl. I am happy to mention that during Maria’s last board meeting, all the team was filled with good energy and great ideas to implement during the next mandate.

This is great news! We will be facing new challenges that will surely motivate us to keep working towards the same direction of our predecessors’. Next Spring Board Meeting will take place in Copenhagen and will be quite exciting. We will surely enjoy to plan our strategy for the next three years of my mandate. The outcomes will be communicated to all the EUHOFA International members once it is approved.

From the Nepalese “Sustainable Himalayan Hospitality” we will go to the Danish “Nordic Way of Sustainability”: two different approaches in two different realities, but always with the same goal: to save our planet for future generations, and how we can influence our students in their hospitality education. We hope to see you all in Copenhagen for a great congress that is waiting for us. Added to many benefits of being a member, attending to congresses is the best way to take a full advantage of the membership. It is a unique opportunity to network with a human touch. You never know who is sitting next to you during a conference, on a bus when visiting the city, or enjoying the best local food. I wish you happy holidays and the best for 2020 for both your professional and personal life, for all the team of your institution, as well as your family.


Lluís Serra President EUHOFA International

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