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EUHOFA Board Letter

Global Perspectives on International Student Employability

While the board letters are usually original work from different schools, I would like to bring this report to the attention of EUHOFA members. The research is interesting both for “destination countries”, like EU, Australia, Canada, US, as well as “source countries”, like Nepal, India, China, Kenya, etc.

“Student Employability” in the context of this report does not relate to the extent education providers have prepared their students for work, but the ability of students to remain in a country post-graduation. Such work rights are obviously linked to the migration rules (post study work rules) applicable in different countries.

Of course not every EUHOFA member is interested in this theme. Members in secondary education in Europe are not looking to recruit international students, and it is rare for their students to want to go overseas to study and work at age of 18 or 19. But while students from Source Countries are more likely to look at English Speaking Countries to study, this report gives a report on Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and others.

The report is 14 pages, and case studies covering Australia, NZ, UK, and Europe add another 20 pages.

If any EUHOFA members want to discuss this report, please feel free to contact me.

Berquist,B., Hall, R., Morris-Lange, S., Shields, S., Stern, V., Tran, L.T., (2019) ‘Global Perspectives on International Student Employability’ International Education Association of Australia, (IEAA), retrieved from

September 2019

Gerald Lipman

International College of Hotel Management

Adelaide Australia

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