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Wednesday - 14th october 2020



"Moving teaching Online – The Modul experience"


We are all having to come to terms with living and working in a Covid-19 world. As with the other sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry we as hospitality educators are having to learn to adapt and reengineer how we engage with our students and deliver the highest quality student experience. 


This is the first in a series of EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL webinars for members to be able to participate and engage with each other, to benefit from other members’ experiences and reflect on how different approaches may be able to work within our own schools. 


Wednesday 14th October – 
Asia, Africa, Europe:   Session 1 10:30 am (Central European Time) 
Americas, Europe :     Session 2  04:00 pm (Central European Time)


Webinar: Moving Teaching Online - the Modul experience.

Presentation: Sandra-Maria Paulhart-Hebenstreit


Sandra works at MODUL Vocational Tourism College in Vienna and teaches tourism, computer science, accounting and business administration. Sandra is a dedicated e-teacher and in charge of digital teaching services. She is specialized in problem-based learning and projects in education. She was also in charge of the eLearning Cluster Vienna – an initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Education for Upper Secondary Schools and Colleges to implement e-learning in schools. Moreover, she collected work experience in the national and international catering and hospitality industry. 



The aim of the webinar is to learn and benefit from the Austrian experience in developing and moving learning online in implementing e-learning within vocational education. The webinar will allow participants to engage in questions and answers and contribute to the wider discussions on how the Austrian experience may be valuable in developing their own e-learning approaches. 


Webinar Outline 

  • Introduction: 5 minutes 

  • Presentation: 20-30 Minutes 

  • Q&A and Discussion: 20-30 minutes 

  • Summary and Take Aways: 10 minutes 

Moderator: Professor Peter A Jones 



Any members of staff of EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL schools with an interest or responsibility in developing different approaches to using e-learning and online materials and resources in course design and delivery. 

Registered participants can email any specific questions they wish to raise and discuss at the webinar at least 3 days in advance to Professor Peter A Jones on These will then be consolidated to ensure that they can be addressed at the webinar. 



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