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Work and study part-time in hospitality

Why do we offer part-time studies?

The demand for qualified specialists and executives is just as high in the hotel and catering industry as it is in many other industries.

As a management position requires knowledge gained through many years of professional experience and specific further education, Berlin Hotel Management School (HOFA Berlin – ) offers a good opportunity for further education after initial vocational training.

Students receive the degree "State-certified Business Economist" in one of three specializations:

- Hospitality Management

- Tourism Management

- Event Management

While our classical course of studies is full-time (2 years), we now also offer part-time studies (3 or 4 years), starting in August 2019. This model is a smart way to train professionals without taking them out of business during their studies.

There are three entry requirements: a secondary school certificate, and a completed 3-year training (apprenticeship) in hospitality, tourism or event management and at least one additional year of work experience in hospitality.

Advantages of part-time studies

Part-time studies benefit both employers and employees alike. While trained professionals leave the labor market for a few years in a full-time study program, our part-time students remain employees in their company. They attend school only two days a week (Monday and Tuesday) and can work on the remaining days. So the part-time students secure their livelihood during their studies and continue to gain work experience, while their companies have to find a compensation for only two days. In addition, part-time studies at HOFA Berlin are free of charge for students.

An additional benefit of this concept is that graduates receive a university entrance qualification when they graduate. If you already have it, the duration of part-time studies is shortened by one year to three years. If students are interested, they can also do their trainer’s exam for hospitality at HOFA Berlin, which entitles them to officially train apprentices in hospitality.

Career opportunities

Graduates increase their career chances with a degree as a "State-certified Business Economist". Many employers appreciate this degree more than a bachelor's or master's degree, as our graduates have thorough practical work experience. And if they want to go even higher, they can start university studies afterwards. So the doors to bachelor's and master's programs are open. Since we now also have cooperation’s with several universities, the bachelor’s and master’s programs can sometimes even be shortened.

Hotelfachschule Berlin

Christiane Schöner Susann Riech, in cooperation with Hotel Career, Judith Bock, Lea Stiller

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